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Oct. 5th, 2017 01:15 am
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Hello! Thank you so much for volunteering to write these fandoms—I'm going to be really giddy with anything you come up with, so don't worry. All my requests are more like guidelines; Optional Details Are Optional all the way, feel free to write something else if you get an idea you're excited about. I'll list some likes/dislikes below in case that helps, but please don't feel you need to include any of it, and feel free to disregard it all, too, if it works for your story. If you have a good time writing it, I'll enjoy reading it!

Things I love: UST, banter, angsty and/or fucked-up characters and interactions, clever characters actually being clever, open relationships and/or interesting poly dynamics, found families, awesome female characters, dubcon, infidelity, kidfic, domesticity, post-break-up, fake relationship, hatesex, denial/delay, voyeurism, pining, and soulbonds.

I love short PWPs and long plotty fics alike; go for any tense, rating and genre you prefer. I'm equally happy with gen and shippy fic. Feel free to go full-on AU if you wish, or to stick closely to canon; I'll never mind either way.

Things I dislike: gratuitous character bashing, 'making love,' 'cum,' watersports, scat, graphic non-con, rape as plot device to lead to h/c, first person POV.

In case you happen to want to poke around my accounts, have at it: [ profile] christycorr; [ profile] christycorr; [ profile] christycorr; [ profile] christycorr.

In Other Lands - Sarah Rees Brennan

Elliot Schafer, Luke Sunborn

I didn't read Turn of the Story while it was up, but I devoured this book as soon as I realised it existed, and promptly ran to get my hands on every extra morsel available by that point. (Note: I'm 100% fine with book-only canon!) I just love Luke Sunborn and his awkward face so much, and I especially love how utterly wrong Elliot gets him, and how they manage to orbit each other so well throughout the years despite being completely clueless. I really enjoy how they keep catching on each other's rough edges because they can't navigate them at all.

I requested these two characters and I do love them to pieces, but if you want to include any others in the tagset (or anyone else) please feel free! This universe is endlessly fascinating to me. I would happily read any and all stories containing things like:
  • Elliot being a clever little shit about absolutely anything, take your pick;

  • Luke growing to fully understand and accept his half-harpy nature;

  • Serene pontificating about something, Serene sharing her misandrist wisdom, Serene and Luke being swordsisters, just: Serene;

  • elven society, more about how it works and how their unique little cluster might fit there (or...not);

  • wings!! (I'd never realised I liked wingfic before, but hey, apparently I do);

  • Woodsinger being awesome and somehow suffering all these fools (how);

  • political shenanigans: it's brilliant to see Elliot, Luke and Serene each being awesome in their different ways to unfuck a situation, and if you want to go for plotty fic here, by all means do!

If you have any other ideas, though, please do go for it! These are just suggestions. Anything from family fic about the Sunborns being their usual overwhelming selves to a wild forest OT4 sex marathon will make me thrilled.

The Broken Earth - N. K. Jemisin

Alma Innovator Dibars, Yaetr Innovator Dibars

I really enjoyed The Stone Sky, and one of the side stories that caught my eye was the letter exchange between Alma Innovator Dibars and Yaetr Innovator Dibars. Yaetr "discovered" that orogenes' intervention prevented several seasons in the past, and Alma put an end to that research for political reasons. I couldn't help put wonder what kind of story lurked behind those brief notes.

How did Yaetr start researching roggas? Why look into this, specifically, when the Fulcrum certainly wouldn't have wanted anyone coming anywhere near these conclusions? Was Yaetr at all empathetic or just interested in predicting future Seasons? What was the research process like? What was the relationship between Alma and Yaetr like, and what did it turn into after that event? How did Yaetr take the silencing, what did they do after? What was the environment at the Seventh in Dibars like, did Yaetr and Alma ever overlap there with Tonkee, or with Alabaster or Syenite being used for research?

The way that The Broken Earth interweaves questions of oppression, identity and violence with every level and angle of worldbuilding is so well thought-out and executed. It would be interesting to catch another glimpse of this side of events: the many ways that a fact so glaringly obvious and important to keeping everyone alive gets suppressed and ignored to benefit the dominant narrative.

Love for the Cold-Blooded - Alex Gabriel

Serpentissima, Tom | Serpent Slut

This story was so fun, and I am so here for wacky supervillain family dynamics! They seemed to genuinely care about each other so much, regardless of the fact that they they express affection in somewhat unconventional ways sometimes. I would so happily read more about that in all kinds of ways.

Does Serpentissima try to take over the world again? What's that like for the rest of the family? What about when Hell starts growing into her own independent challenger self and tries her own first major nefarious plot, how do her parents help and/or accidentally thwart her efforts? Or: what's it like for them to have a hoagie in the family? Just how awkward do Christmas dinners get? Or: what's it like for Serpentissima and Tom to have grandchildren? I'd also love to see a flashback to Serpentissima's first ascent and why it failed, or how she ended up falling for Tom in the first place.

Basically, I'd be happy with any story dealing with the unique peculiarities of the West family. Please feel free to include Helena, Boadicea, Zenobia, Patrick and Nick if you wish, as well as any other challengers or superheroes you want!

Note in case you want to check out a fandom other than the one we matched on, sorted by length: Love for the Cold-Blooded is one book, a short and fast read, rather silly; In Other Lands is also one book, though longer, that takes all kinds of fantasy tropes and twists them in hilarious ways; The Broken Earth is a trilogy, far heavier than the other two in subject matter, but worth every second.

Whatever you choose, thank you so much for writing this! I hope you have a good time. And as I said up there: please feel free to disregard my suggestions if the mood strikes and you have a different burst of inspiration.


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